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Founded in the year 2019 as a Shipping & Trading company, KDR Shipping & Trading Inc. is a young company. Based in İzmir, Türkiye, KDR  began its journey at same year, dedicated to meet the demands of the Shipping and Cement Industry.


Although the company is very young, its founder, Aykut OZTURK who has been actively involved in Trading and Shipping for the Cement Industry since 2012, having forged over the years strong ties and lasting relations with suppliers and clients. Has in less than a year, KDR  to become a worldwide recognized independent trading company, specialized in the trading of cementitious products, moving in its first year over 2,8 Mio MT and over 3.2 Mio MT in its second year of existence.


Most of our employees have spent all their working lives in the shipping & cement industry.


With a team of professionals, KDR Shipping & Trading Inc.  a wide experience to meet not only the demand for the product but also the logistics needed to transport such products from both a maritime and land transport point of view, thus offering by such, a complete tailor made service that facilitates our customers businesses.


Our company, which is working to develop a solid, diversified trading business in the cement industry and achieve its growth goals, as of today, the core business of the group continues to be the shipping and trading of physical cemented products.


We expect the forward to working with you.